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Monday, June 19, 2017

An older photo with some of my pals!
¡Perseverar hasta el fin!

This last week was very cold.... I don’t know if I can explain with words how cold a humid cold feels. The wind chills you to the soul. Haha. This last week was also rainy, which made things a little bit difficult. My companion and I couldn’t help but laugh as we walked around in the pouring rain without umbrellas. Let’s just say that the ¨Water-proof¨ jacket from Mr. Mac is NOT waterproof. In fact, I am pretty convinced that it is “water absorbent.” Haha

My companion and I are doing well and we are working hard. We had a lot of let downs this week and lesson after lesson kept falling through. I was trying to understand what  Heavenly Father was trying to teach us. We felt guided and prompted to knock doors of people that would reject us, so we were walking around kind of confused. On Sunday we were both disappointed to see that our investigators didn’t show up to church. As I was sitting in sacrament, I was trying to think about what lesson I was supposed to learn from such a challenging week and then one of our investigators sat down next to me. I was pretty stunned. I feel like the lesson I was supposed to learn this last week was patience. I am glad that our Heavenly Father is always willing to teach us, as long as we are willing to learn. The investigator loved church and wants to come back next week. 

I hope you are all doing well! Have a good week!
-Elder Vanderlinden

Quote of the week: ¨The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.¨ -Richard B. Sheridan

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