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Monday, April 3, 2017

I guess it is time to get new shoes!
Studying and sugar go together!

¡Buen Dia!
What a wonderful conference weekend! This past week, my companion and I focused the majority of our efforts into helping and inviting our investigators to General Conference. We made invitations, and hand delivered them with a message focused on committing them to coming to conference. We also passed by their houses to walk with them. We were waiting on 21 people that we had firmly committed. In the end, only 6 showed up. However, I felt a sense of accomplishment and peace. I knew that we had done everything on our part to help them come and have a spiritual experience. As big as our faith may be, it cannot change the agency of somebody else. Elder Uchtdorf taught that in one of his past conference talks.

Overall conference was a very spiritual and fortifying experience. It was awesome to hear some of the speakers who had pre-recorded their talks in Spanish, speak in their native tongue. However, there was one talk, where it started in was going for about 30 seconds in English....and then I realized "Wait,,,,nobody can understand this"....Then we heard in a very strong Spanish accent "I.....I...can`t hear him....." It was the translator on TV, that was waiting to translate the talk. Hahaha. The other american Elders and I had a good laugh about it. All of the Latinos had no clue what was going on, or what we were giggling about.

I enjoyed all of the talks, and I loved to hear the Prophet remind us of the Book of Mormon, and the difference that it can make in our lives. I hope that you are all reading. If you aren’t, now is the time to start!
Also this week. Elder Peterson and I were headed to a charla, when we saw a huge crowd start gathering together in the street. There were like 50 people, and they were in the way for us to get to our lesson...Then some of the people in the crowd busted out fighting and punching. It turned into chaos and there were people throwing rocks towards the mob. Some kids near us took off running toward the fight, one with a gun in his hand. Realizing the danger of the situation, we quickly turned the corner and tried to go around the madness. We heard yelling and fighting as we got around the corner. Then, out of nowhere, some kids flew by us running away from the fight. One flew by us with a gun. Luckily we ducked out in time, and we were protected. I am so grateful for this name-tag, and for the protection that the Lord provides me with. I am doing good. Have a good week everyone!

-Elder Vanderlinden

(A charla is a lesson)

Quote of the week: "If it once was, it will always be.” -President Eddy

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