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Monday, March 27, 2017

It's always nice when we share packages from home!

Nos dormimos en el Ómnibus!

This last week I spent a decent amount of time in a bus. The buses here are crazy! This is how I would describe a bus ride.... you have to push and smash your way through waves of people in a hot metal box that bounces up and down and stops suddenly. It is like an amusement ride...but it isn't amusing. Haha! The upside is that my upper body is getting pretty strong, because I have to hold on for dear life every time the bus driver slams on his brakes. Haha.

Speaking of the bus, this week my companion and I had to travel to give a baptismal interview. It was a hot day and miracuously there were two seats open at the back of the bus. We sat down and we were both really closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. Then, I whipped out of my dream and realized that the bus driver was yelling something at us. He was yelling "Hey! Kids in white shirts! You didn`t pay a ticket to go this far!" We looked at each other and then looked out the window and saw a welcome sign that said “Sauce.” Neither of us had been to Sauce that was quite an adventure. Unfortunately, we had over shot our a long we had to take a long return bus. Haha.

On the bus ride home from the interview, I sat down by a 20-year-old kid that was from the military. I was pretty tired, but I decided to try to talk to him anyways. We made some small talk, and then he started to ask me about our church and religious beliefs. It turns out that he was a very religious man, and that we shared a lot of common beliefs. It was an incredible opportunity to be able to share my testimony with him one to one and explain the Book of Mormon and how it can bless him in his life. I gave him a Book of Mormon and told him I would give it to him, as long as he would read it. He was shocked that I would give him a book, and he promised that he would read it, and would contact me as soon as he finished it. It was awesome to see that before I had even got off of the bus, he was already opening up the book.

I am doing great. My companion and I are working well together! We are finding some people that are truly prepared to hear the gospel! I know that the Lord is always preparing people, and I am truly blessed to work for him!

I hope that you all have a great week! I hope you all enjoy Conference weekend! I am extremely excited! 
-Elder Vanderlinden

Quote of the week: "The rescue is an invitation for people to rekindle the flame of faith, to again recall what brought them to their initial testimony." Elder Bednar

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