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Monday, March 20, 2017

The soldiers in one of my more "risky" areas. They patrol to keep everything under control.

Look what we came across.....Haha.
Me encanta ver el templo
Hey! How is everyone in the 801?
I am doing great down here in the.....291.
This week we went to the temple and it was a great experience. I have grown to love and appreciate temples more than ever. I think only being able to go every 6 months as a missionary has made me miss it a lot. 
Anyways, this week was full of miracles. We were able to find some people that are truly prepared to receive the gospel in their lives. One of these people is named Marcia. We found her house when we were knocking doors looking for a less active member. We knocked 2 times, and waited a little while, but nobody came out, so my comp started walking away. I don`t really know why, but I just stayed in the doorway, and sure enough, Marcia came out of her house and started to talk to us. We had a lesson with her and we explained the message of the Restoration. Then, we invited her to be baptized. There was a long silent pause, and I could tell that the Spirit was working on her heart. She accepted the baptismal invitation, and said that she felt a burning inside of her heart, and felt joy.
It was an amazing experience. What was even more amazing, is that we left the house early on Sunday, to go pass near her house and walk to church with her. She was walking in the street, with her kids and her grandkids. She brought her 3 kids, and one of her kids brought her boyfriend and their 2 kids. The boyfriend mentioned he was thinking about getting married, and that he wanted to get baptized. It is hard enough to get one person to go to church, so my companion and I were thrilled to have 7 investigators in the church! What a miracle!

I could tell you guys about so many more blessings that my companion and I are seeing, but I honestly wouldn`t have time. I know that the Lord is preparing people who are ready to receive the gospel. Sometimes it isn`t the people we are looking is their neighbors, or relatives, but he is always preparing his sons and daughters with a way to return to him. It is our job to find them!

I am doing great! 
-Elder Vanderlinden

Knowledge is gained by obedience.

-Bruce R. McConkie

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