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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Saying goodbye to Elder Molina
In front of the women's jail. It used to be an insane asylum......scary!

It’s change week! It is pretty crazy to think back on this change, and realize that 6 weeks have already passed by. This Thursday my companion will be returning to Chile because of knee problems. It has made me realize how short my time is as a missionary. I never know when my time might come to a end, so I always need to give it my all. As you can imagine, he is pretty disappointed, but he is also happy because he feels like he gave his all. I am sure that the Lord is happy with his service.

I am going to be staying in my area, and my new companion`s name is Elder Campos. He is from Peru. I will meet him on Thursday. 

Even with my companion`s knee problem, we tried to give it our all and talk with everyone these past few days. We found a lot of good people, so I am hoping that it will pay off. We had a lesson with our investigator named Paolo. Unfortunately, he isn`t making any progress, so we tried to be as frank as we could with him, and let him go. As we left the lesson, I felt sad....I felt bad because I know that this gospel could bless his life. Maybe he couldn`t see it, but I could. I feel like many times, as missionaries, we feel love for the people that we teach, because we know something that can help them. It is hard when they don`t accept that help, but it is nothing to get down about, because that tells me that somewhere, somebody is waiting who is ready. 

I hope that you guys have a great week.
I love you all!

-Elder Vanderlinden

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