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Monday, November 28, 2016

You can call me Dan Jones.

Entera cansado!
This week has been...tiring. My companion and I did a little bit of traveling. He had to go to the doctor, so we had to travel to the big city to the hospital. When we were returning, we saw a Burger King....and we couldn`t pass up the opportunity to eat some American fast food....BIG mistake! We were bed ridden for a chunk of the next day.  
Other than that, this week has been work, work, work. On Saturday, my comp, some other Elders and I set up a stand in the street market. My comp and another missionary played guitar and sang christmas songs, meanwhile my job was to call everyone to repentance. Haha just kidding. It was a great opportunity to talk with everyone and try to share the gospel. I tried to not fear anyone, and talk with them regardless of what they looked like. I mostly just got sunburned.

Then, on Sunday, my companion and I were super tired at church and honestly, we were really disappointed, because none of the new investigators showed up to church. I was a little confused, because I felt that I had worked so hard...and I wasn`t seeing my work pay off. However, one of our investigators pulled us aside. Her name is Rosario. We have been working with her for about a month and a week now. We invited her to be baptized like a month ago, but she rejected us, and every since....we have just been kind of waiting to see what happens. Anyways...she pulled us aside, and was like..."I have been thinking about why I should get baptized, and I received my answer, so I want to be baptized.”..Wow! Our Ward mission leader nearly jumped out of his seat when he heard the news! It made me realize that the Lord was preparing blessings for the hard work that we were putting in. However, I want to make it clear, that blessings, most of the time, aren`t baptisms. A lot of the time the blessings are the things that I can learn from the hard moments, or the things I can get better at.

I hope that you all have a great week! I am doing great!
Quote of the week "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.” -Will Rogers
Love you all,

-Elder Vanderlinden

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