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Monday, November 21, 2016

Elder Molina and I at Zone Conference 
Missionaries! Haha.

This week I had the incredible opportunity to shake the hand of Elder Rasband, from the Quorum of the twelve . We had a multi-mission conference, and it was amazing! I feel like he really lifted the spirits of every missionary. You can really feel the power that he has as a servant of the Lord by hearing his testimony, shaking his had, and looking in his eyes. He had a warm glow to him. He expressed the love that he and the other members of the twelve have for the missionary work. Among the many things that I was able to learn from him, is that he said that missionaries come on missions for many different reasons. Some for good reasons, other for....different reasons. He expressed that it doesn`t matter why we came....what is important is that we are here, and by the time we go home, we will know that we were here to serve the Lord.
My companion and I are doing great, and working really hard. The Lord is blessing us in lots of ways! Not baptisms.....but....I mean Blessing are blessings! Haha

Here is a funny experience that happened.

This week in church, during the sacrament meeting, it was super silent and peaceful, but there was a small electronic buzz quietly playing on all of the speakers, from the microphone. One of the Bishops counselors stood up to fix the microphone and everyone was watching him. (The first counselor to the Bishop reminds me of Goofy....just to give you an idea. He kinda looks like Goofy too...Haha). Anyways, he went to adjust it and when he did, the quiet buzz turned into a loud...LOUD static playing on all of the speakers. He quickly tried to wiggle the microphone into place...but it took him like 20 seconds. Everyone was staring at him and laughing, while he tried to fix it. I think everyone completely forgot about the sacrament.
I thought it was funny.

Have a great week everyone! I love you all!
Quote of the week-- "Don`t be a whiner…..Its actually a mockery of God if you are"-Elder Rasband

-Elder Vanderlinden

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