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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Newleweds!
Ester is Baptized!
This week was very eventful and also very rainy. First off, Ester and Enrique got married on Tuesday. It was tons of fun to see how happy they were. We threw rice at them after the ceremony. I know you are supposed to throw the rice up in the air, but we more just threw large handfuls of rice at them. I don`t really understand that tradition.....
Then, on Saturday, Ester got baptized! Enrique is already a member, but now his new wife is too!! Ester can`t really bend her knees that I hopped in with Elder Ward to help baptize her. As she was bending backwards, she sat down on my knee, like a chair and I just dunked her under really quick. I am pretty sure I got almost as wet as her. Haha. Then after she went up and bore her testimony that this is the true church!! Unfortunately, Elder Ward and I were in the bathroom drying our shirts....because we didn`t bring extras, thinking that we would only get wet to the shirt was soaked to my neck......I walked home with a wet shirt....Haha but the baptism was a fun experience.

Family Caligaroli want to get Baptized the 1st of October!! I am praying that they will be ready by then. I am going to be staying in this area for 1.5 months more, so hopefully I will be able to help them be prepared to take this important step.

This week, I am extremely grateful for the Priesthood and having the ability to serve others. I was able to confirm Ester on Sunday and that same day, I had the opportunity to give two blessings of health. Priesthood power is real. We have to use it!

Have a great week everyone,
Elder Vanderlinden

Thought for the week: Cast not away therefore your confidence. 
Hebrews 10:35

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