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Monday, September 19, 2016

A non-member made this for me. Jesus in Uruguay!
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¡Un otro gran día en la misión Uruguay Montevideo!

Hello everyone,
This last week, 50 other missionaries or so and I had the opportunity to listen to the Area 70 for South America South, named Elder Texiera. He spoke to us about the importance of giving out as many Book of Mormons as we could and trying to use the Book of Mormon more in our contacts. He gave us an example of the effectiveness of using the Book of Mormon as opposed to a pass along card. He explained it like this, "Here is a card with a small picture on it of a book that could change your life......Here is a picture of a huge ice-cream that is really yummy"....and "Now here is the real thing. The real book, and the real ice-cream" Which ones do you want? I have left the house to work with a Book of Mormon in my hand since then, not tucked away in my backpack. Then his wife spoke to us and totally just raked us over the coals. Luckily, I consider myself an obedient missionary, but even then I felt a little guilty. Haha. He built us up and she tore us down...What a good team.

Anyways, this week was also ward conference. There were 142 members in the church! That is a very large increase from just a short time ago. I am very excited for the miracles that we are having here in Uruguay! Just to give you guys an update on the family that we are teaching, they had a baptismal date scheduled for the 8th, but the father has asked that we baptize him sooner. We are in the process of preparing all four of them to be ready to get baptized the 1st of October.

Interesting story from this week---We were teaching a lesson to a man named Ce maria during a thunder storm...It was raining really hard and the wind was going crazy. His roof, like most, are made of a tin tin, that bounces up and down and sometimes flies off during storms. As you can imagine, it was very loud inside his house. The power got knocked out and it was completely so dark that I couldn´t see my hands in front of me. We had just met this guy...and I seriously couldn´t even see him in front of me.....I kind of got a little nervous and uncomfortable. Then his cell phone light turned on...and just illuminated his eyes a little bit.....(He has dark skin). It gave me the creeps! After we left the comp and I both looked at eachother and said....I thought we were going to die! He creeped us right out, and didn´t even try!

Have a great week,
Elder Vanderlinden

Quote of the week: ”Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all” -Dale Carnegie

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