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Monday, September 26, 2016

My District!
Hola! I hope that everyone had a good week.
     As I was walking this last week...I realized something interesting. As a missionary, whenever I think of a destination....I calculate how many minutes it would take me to get there walking and I don´t even take into account if I will have enough energy to get there. I have become sooo use to walking, that it isn´t even exercise anymore. I am pretty sure that’s why I am able to walk like 10 miles and still gain weight. Haha. My companion and I did a lot of walking this past week, a lot of contacting and we knocked a lot of doors. It was a good experience and we were able to find some miracles.

One cool experience from this past week:
      The family we are teaching wanted to get baptized this Friday. We changed the date of the baptism until the 8th, because of General Conference, so that they can be confirmed the day after. I walked up to tell the Bishop this and Brian our other investigator said jokingly, “Tell them I am getting baptized too…Haha.” So I walked up and told them. To his surprise, they announced his baptism. We passed by later that night and he was a little bit surprised about the baptism date....but it was the little push that he needed. We have family Caligaroli and Brian with baptismal dates for the 8th! So we are going to be working a lot with them these next few weeks. Also, we are going to be making a lot of contacts..because after they get baptized.... we are going to need some new investigators. Haha

I am doing good, and having fun! Have a great week everyone.
-Elder Vanderlinden

Quote of the week:

Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only having more of it than the next man.”---C.S. Lewis

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