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Monday, June 27, 2016

We went to the Alfajore (cookie) factory!

They have a disco room at the factory. Haha

Well, first off, I have a new companion! Elder Cruz is from Peru. He is very quiet, and very laid back. However, he likes to work really hard, which is good. We are getting along really well.

This week was super busy, and we walked a ton! When we were out in the field, there was a group of bulls.....and they charged at us. Luckily they didn`t jump the little wire fence, haha but it was super funny. We took off running!

This week there was a ward baptism, and we were in charge of filling the font....unfortunately, the water stopped running in the whole church, and there was only one foot of water.....luckily the little kid was really they baptized him anyways. Haha.

Our investigators are doing really well, and it looks we might have a baptism coming up. So keep them in your prayers.

I am not sure if I told you guys or not, but a few weeks ago my companion and I gave a blessing to a woman with cancer, and we both got the impression that she didn`t have much time left on earth....we passed by her house so my companion could say goodbye before he got transferred, and we got the impression again that she didn`t have much time left.....we even almost considered giving her a blessing, so she would go in peace. I started praying, and I just prayed that if it was her time, she would go in peace.....she passed away the next day......I find courage and testify that the Plan of Salvation is real! Each of us have a purpose, and Heavenly Father knows when it is our time to go.

I hardly have any time to write today, because we went to the alfajore factory, but just know that I am happy, and that I am working hard!

Love you all,

Elder Vanderlinden

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