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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Uruguay Flag

A trip to the City

Transfer week!!! This week has been absolute madness. We got our transfers yesterday night. I am going to be staying in my area, Camino Carrasco for this next change; however, I am getting a new companion tomorrow! It should be interesting, because I am in charge of showing the area to my new companion, which includes running the area for a little while. This week, we made a ton of progress with our ward. During ward council, they told us that we (the missionaries) need to instruct them as to when we need their help, and what time they need to be there to help. We talked about the importance of missionary work, and they were super willing to help us out. President Cook, our mission President said that our Area is the best in the mission right now, which is a huge compliment and also a huge blessing. This next transfer should be super busy, we have a lot of new investigators that seem really promising.

Yesterday Elder Fonseca and I were walking in the store when a man stopped us to talk. ¨Are you Elders?¨ He asked. Then he explained that him, his wife, and his son always drive past our church, and that they are super interested, and that they really want to go to our church this Sunday....... Elder Fonseca and I were pretty shocked, a wonderful family had just made a contact with us.....So that was a miracle.

This week we tried to serve the members of our ward, so we offered to cut one members lawn. We showed up, and he handed us a weed cut his field.....not a lawn mower.. a weed wacker. So I got to work, I was cutting away, and the lawn looked really good. Then I passed it off to Elder Fonseca.......who..has never cut grass before. He is from the city, and where he lives...they don´t have grass. I couldn´t help but laugh as he cut large holes into the grass.....over....and over... After we finished half of the lawn, the member thanked us for our service, gave us some treats, and sent us on our way....I think he didn´t want us to wreck the rest of his lawn...Haha.

Anyways, this week was great. It went by really fast. I am getting my new comp tomorrow, so this next week should be full of interesting experiences. Have a great week everyone!!

-Elder Vanderlinden

Quote of the Week: “Don´t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitment of winning” -Robert Kiyosaki

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