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Monday, June 5, 2017

Leadership Meeting

“Another grand week in the Uruguay Montevideo Mission” 
-Old mission Slogan

Así es la vida!
This past week was pretty eventful. On Wednesday I had to travel to Old town Montevideo to get my citizenship papers figured out. It took quite a while, so while we were waiting for everyone to finish up I was able to take a stroll around some of the most beautiful parts of the city with a few other missionaries. There are many old and historic buildings that have interesting statues or designs on the outside, and the government made it illegal to destroy the look of the outside of the buildings. The owners are allowed to make the inside brand new, but they aren’t allowed to change the outside, only restore it. That has helped preserved the old town feel of the city which is actually pretty neat.

Elder Childs and I were able to find a lot of new investigators this last week which really helped us fill up our teaching pool more. We had a multi-zone conference on Thursday and we are trying to apply what we are learning to see the results in our area. This past week I was able to teach a lot about the Book of Mormon and the importance of the Book of Mormon in my life. President Eddy asked us to think of all of the things we know thanks to the Book of Mormon, and then for a minute, forget about all of them. As I thought about everything I would not know, and everything I would lose without the Book of Mormon, I came to realize all of the blessings that I have in my life thanks to the Book of Mormon, and how much it has changed the person that I am.
I am truly grateful for the Book of Mormon and the clear and precious truths that it teaches me. I know it is true!

Have a good week everyone!
-Elder Vanderlinden

Quote of the week: 
The past is behind, learn from it.
The future is ahead, prepare for it
The present is here, live it

-Thomas S. Monson

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