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Monday, April 24, 2017

A quick bite in the city before our leadership meeting!
Just a little bit of energy before we play hoops on p-day!

Puertas, Puertas, Puertas

This week we knocked doors. A LOT of doors. Haha. I always enjoy the feeling of excitement I get when somebody opens up the door to talk to us. It is like opening up a mystery box, because you never know what you are going to get. Unfortunately, we didn't get anything! Haha. But, at least we tried! We knocked on one door and a man stuck his head out, and said "No no no, I don't want anything. I already know everything..." and so my companion thought that he would catch him off guard by saying, " don't even know who we are! ..You’re Mormons,” the man replied quickly, and then slid back into his house. We laughed about it and walked off. He is right. I am a Mormon! and I am proud of it!! This past week I have seen and talked to so many confused people. They don`t know what they want in their lives, and to be honest they don't know where they are going....
Luckily, we do! We know God's plan, and we know exactly where we want to go!

Today we had a Zone activity and played some soccer and made tacos. I tried to brush up on my soccer skills a little bit today, but there is an Elder that was getting paid to play soccer before his mission, and he didn't bring his soccer shoes, so he was playing in socks and he still worked me! haha

I am doing good! Elder Peterson and I are finding a lot of "interesting people". The other day we found a man who looked like he was going to be really friendly...and it turned out that he was just looking to debate. Finding people like that has really helped me to learn to be patient and learn to see people with love. Have a good week everyone!
-Elder Vanderlinden


quote of the week:
 “Consecration is the process of a lifetime and likely more than a lifetime.”
-President Eddy

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