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Monday, May 23, 2016

This is our investigator Fernando, and his family. We cooked dinner with them.

¡Este semana pasó volando!

¡Hola! This companion and I knocked a lot of doors....a LOT. I really enjoy knocking doors, because each person we talk to is completely different. As the door slowly opens, it makes me anxious to see who is on the other side. Unfortunately, if it is a Grandpa, they are always super grumpy. Haha. I made a contact with this grumpy geezer (No offense to all of my geezer loved ones Haha) and he didn´t want anything. I explained ¨Oh ok, thats fine, thanks. Do you know anyone around here that we could visit?¨ Then he responded, ¨Visit the whole world, I don´t care¨... and then quickly hobbled into his home.... Haha. Now, every single contact that we make counts as a contacted reference, which is boosting our numbers a ton! Haha just kidding.

This week has been super good. We found quite a few future and new investigators. One thing that my companion and I are doing, is at the end of the first lesson, we explain to the people that we don´t cook very well, and we want to learn how to cook some Uruguayan food. All of the people think they have some amazing traditional Uruguayan food, so they invite us over to dinner. It is a great opportunity to get to know the investigators. We try to help them cook the food, we eat with them......and then they are roped into listing to another lesson. Haha. It is great!

Also this week, we played soccer with the Elders in the ward again. It was super competitive, and they are all super good. However, nobody guards me at all. Like there is never anyone guarding me, they must think that I can´t even run. Haha. However, I got the ball on a break away, and I rocketed a goal in the top left corner of the net, and it surprised everyone. I am not gonna lie, I was even a little surprised myself. I also managed to score a header. So I am starting to gain some respect on the soccer field. Haha

I am having tons of fun down here! 
¡Vamo arriba!
-Elder Vanderlinden

Quote of the week:
Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
—Winston Churchill

This quote really applied this week!

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