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Thursday, October 15, 2015

These are my crazy Brazilian roomates!

The field is white and ready to harvest.......not quite how I pictured it.

Como están?
This is my last week in the MTC, so as of Tuesday I will be in Uruguay!!! I am so excited to finally be free of this prison. Haha. So this last Saturday we had our second chance to go proselyting. This time, we got dropped off in South Buenos Aires. Elder Taylor and I got assigned to a residential area. Unfortunately, it was during siesta. Everyone was off the streets, and all of the houses were locked up... So, after 5 hours of street contacting, we made 4 contacts. As you can imagine...we got rejected...a lot. You will not believe the length that people go to in order to avoid talking to us. It is actually pretty funny. People will run across the street, grab their kids and take them inside, or pretend to be busy, and speed walk past you. One lady even went to the extent of grabbing her cat, and running inside. I was like...¨What am I gonna do, baptize your cat?¨..Apparently that might be a legitimate fear here. Just kidding! Either way, here is the weird thing, after only 4 contacts, I was happy...In fact, I was thrilled. I was not concerned about the numbers, I was concerned about doing my best. I have been thinking about how that applies to everything...It isn´t important to think about the numbers, it is important that you try your best.....because if we do (In the words of Neill F. Marriott) ¨It will all work out!¨
Also, I have a funny story from proselyting. We were walking down a empty road, when a large siren started blaring. It grew louder and louder. Now, this wasn’t a normal car siren, it was super loud! It was a city wide alarm. So, initially, I suggested that I thought it might be a city wide earthquake alarm....or a warning for something. It sounded like a bomb was going to hit, and the siren still continued to blare. Next, two grown men sprinted past us running down the street, as if they were running away from something...Elder Taylor and I saw a boy step out of his car, so we ran up and asked him what was going on. He responded..¨Bomb eras Incendio¨...Then he quickly ran inside. Elder Taylor and I looked at each other stunned….."Incendiary Bombs???” we said as we stumbled out into the street. I kept glancing at the horizon, expecting to see planes begin to drop bombs on the city. ¨I wonder if a war has started?¨ Elder Taylor said, as we ran down the street. We decided to double check our suspicions by asking another woman.....And it turns out….Bomb-eras means firemen....The siren was calling all the firemen in the area.....We felt extremely stupid....because for 3 minutes...We thought the world was coming to a end...Hahahaha 

Love you all!
Elder Vanderlinden

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