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Monday, October 17, 2016

Seeing Ester and Enrique before I go.
Me in a field! Haha
Opa Che.

Welllll..let's see....this last week was great!
Yesterday, while we were in church waiting for the sacrament meeting to start, the ward secretary called us over in front of one of our investigators named Geronimo. Then he was like ¨You guys need to give him a baptismal date! Give him a date right now!” ¨The reason that he is worried about getting baptized is because he isn´t working, and he is worried he won´t be able to pay tithing!¨.....So I said....¨If you aren´t making any don´t have to pay tithing....cause you aren´t earning any money.” Then my comp was like ¨We have a baptism on the 5th. Do you want to get baptized?¨ Well…. He accepted! What a strange…miracle!

My companion and I are working really hard and the Lord is rewarding us. Not in Baptisms, not in investigators, but because we are happy, and our knowledge and testimonies are growing! I am going to be very sad to leave this area....especially because the baptisms that we have planned out...are going to be after I am gone. It will be sad if I can´t make it, but at least they are going to be baptized!!

Oh! I almost forgot....The Bishop asked me to throw down a farewell talk, while I was eating lunch just a few minutes before the sacrament meeting. I had literally like 2 minutes to prepare a talk. They only scheduled two talks for the whole sacrament meeting! The first lady sat down with 25 minutes to spare......and then it was my turn. Haha. I am soo grateful that the Lord helps us by filling our mouths when we go to open them! 

Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Vanderlinden

Quote of the week: ¨You have to give a talk on Agency.¨(Bishop) ¨Can I use my agency and say no?¨(Me)  ¨You can use you Agency in your next ward.¨(Bishop)

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