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Monday, June 6, 2016

Me and my companion
Reunited with my trainer Elder Fonseca
Que hace wachin,

I hope that everyone is having a great week! The work in Uruguay is coming along! My companion and I had some very cool experiences this week, so I want to quickly share them with you.

The first one, is that there is a 8 year old boy in our ward who needs to receive the lessons so that he can be baptized. His mother has been telling us to come and teach him for a while, but we hadn´t made any time to pass by. On Friday, we were walking in the area, and we decided to pass by and start giving him the lessons. We walked up to the door, and his Mother walked out and was shocked to see us. She started laughing, and was saying things like "Wow, I can´t believe it!" We asked her if we could teach her son. She was extremely excited and invited us in. Then she told us... “Today my son and I said a prayer, and we prayed that the Elders would pass by today, to prepare him to be baptized.” That goes to show that our Heavenly Father listens to every single prayer. Every single one!

My second experience is that yesterday, we went to visit a less active who has cancer. We talked with her for awhile to see how she was doing. She was in really rough condition, and she was shaking pretty bad. She asked us if we could give her a blessing of health. My companion was preforming the ordinance, and in a way...he was kinda going through the normal motions....but then he paused during the blessing. He paused for a decent amount of time...I was a little worried what he was going to say next. Then he gave a super comforting blessing to the Sister. He spoke with power and authority, and used words and phrases that I had a hard time understanding. He talked about some incredible things, that I don´t even know how to begin to explain. I got the impression that this Sister doesn´t have very much time left on earth, but she will be taken care of. When we left the house and started talking, my companion didn´t remember what he said in the blessing. I was pretty amazed. I learned how important it is to pause, reflect, and let the spirit guide.

Our area is doing good! We have 6 investigators that want to be baptized, but none of them can be baptized because of marriage paper issues. Soooo...we are still in the hunt, but we are having fun.

I hope that everyone has a good week!
Les Amo
-Elder Vanderlinden

Quote of the week: "The best teachers are the ones who show you were to look, but don´t tell you what to see.”   

- Alexander K Trenfor

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