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Monday, December 14, 2015

I hope that everyone is doing well. How is the weather in Utah? Here in is really hot. I never realized how much the humidity makes a difference in the temperature. I am roasting! Haha. When I wake up in the morning, it is 85 degrees.....with like 90 percent humidity. Imagine walking around in a sauna in a white shirt and a tie....Uruguay! Haha.

Even though it was really hot, this week was really productive. We made a bunch of contacts, and we have  a lot of future investigators that look really promising. Also, the members are starting to be really nice to us. When I arrived in the area, we had meals like twice a week, but now we have food every day, and the members are trying to give us more. It is pretty sweet!
 This last Saturday, we had the ward Christmas party, which went really well. A lot of investigators and less active members showed up, so that was encouraging.

So in our house, we have like 1 million church magazines, so Elder Fonseca and I decided we were going to decorate our door with pictures that we cut out. We cut out tons of pictures, and taped them to our door. After we did that, I had a ton of extra pictures left over. I had cut out a picture of a person making a funny face (unintentionally), and I taped it in the Front of Elder Fonseca´s planner. We laughed about it, but then we forgot about the picture. Later, after a lesson with a investigator, we were going to leave her with our number. Elder Fonseca flipped open his planner...and that huge picture was still taped there. I saw it and I almost started laughing, but I quickly bit my tongue. Elder Fonseca noticed, and quickly tried to cover the picture with a pamphlet....but the lady definitely saw. We just kinda stood there awkwardly for like a minute .Haha. It was really funny. 
Anyways, Montevideo is kind of in a blackout right I don´t have much time to write more of this e-mail.....because I am e-mailing from a mall somewhere outside of the city.....Weird huh.
I hope you all have a great week!
If you haven´t watched the Church´s new video about Christmas, I definitely recommend it!

Quote of the week
¨The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.¨

-Elder Vanderlinden

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