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Monday, November 23, 2015

3 Zones got together for some fun! I am in the very middle.

The soccer field and a cool sunset!

Hello 801!

This week has been crazy busy! I had a few intercambio´s, (Where I live with another missionary for a day). My companion for the day focused on trying to get me out of my comfort zone in nice of him......So, he would sit silently to force me to talk. We went to visit one of his progressing investigators that is going to be baptized, and I gave the spiritual thought and taught the lesson. It went super well, and it was a very spiritual experience. They must have liked me a lot, because the husband gave me a tie, the wife gave me an invitation to their baptism, and we left carrying a ton of food! 
Later in the week we were visiting a less active member, and we asked how his family was doing. He explained that his son plays soccer for the Uruguay national team, but pulled a muscle in his knee, and is going to need he can´t practice with the team right now.. Long story short, I gave my first blessing in Spanish to his son, the soccer player. I was super nervous to do it in Spanish, but during the blessing, I felt a overwhelming amount of peace. I am sooo grateful for the Holy Ghost, especially in times like that.

On a not spiritual side.... We organized a soccer game this week with some older teenagers. I have gotten a lot better at soccer since I have been here......but I totally got destroyed. Somebody watching probably would have thought that I had something wrong with me. South American´s are sooo good at soccer..

Also, I have another question for the people at home...Do people wear swimsuits for fun? Boys are always wearing swimsuits. Quicksilver swimsuits! And they aren´t the kind that you can pull off as shorts either.. I laugh to myself every time I see someone walking around in a swimsuit and crocs.Haha.
I love you all! Stay classy, don´t wear those things(:

Quote of the week
¨You must expect great things of yourself, before you can do them.¨
-Michael Jordan

Elder Vanderlinden

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